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    The Norwegian Association of Art Societies represents the network of art societies in Norway that are mainly based on voluntary work. At present it comprises 161 member societies.

    These art societies have approximately 20.000 members in total. The art societies display approximately 1.000 exhibitions every year and are visited by 602.000 people (2011). In comparison, The National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design in Oslo has 575.00 visitors a year. In sum the annual turnover for the art societies is 44.4 million NOK.

    To the right: Glimpses from the Art Festival HFT 2013 in Hammerfest. Photo: Ingerid Jordal / HFT 2013

    The Norwegian Association of Art Societies aims at strengthening the art societies’ position in the context of the Norwegian art scene and to promote interest and understanding of the visual arts, applied arts, design and architecture throughout the country.

    We build strategies directed at sponsors and other collaborators and work to maintain a good relationship with local and central authorities.

    One of our main tasks is to professionalise our member societies. We organise regional and national seminars and courses and offer a programme of pre-produced exhibitions of contemporary art to our members. Our member societies can also apply to us for funding of projects, improvement of gallery facilities and transportation of exhibitions.

    Every second year we organise an art festival in collaboration with one of the art societies in Norway. The art festival in 2017 will take place in Skien and Prosgrunn, a post industrial region going through a change to sustainable and green industries: www.greenlightdistrict.no

    The Norwegian Association of Art Societies publishes the membership magazine KUNST PLUSS three times a year.


    Debutant Prize

    Since 2010 we have awarded a Debutant Prize at the annual National Art Exhibition in Oslo (Høstutstillingen). The winner receives a prize of 50.000 NOK.

    Debutant Prize Winner 2016: Karin Blomgren, for Gjennomgang, an installation in raw clay 

    Debutant Prize Winner 2015: Sebastian Makonnen Kjølaas, for I’m So Oily / A Puzzle Building MuscleCyber-fun in the Algorithm Gravy / Powerhouse on the Rooftop og It’s Mega-personal / Training to Become a Train

    Debutant Prize Winner 2014: Heidi Kennedy Skjerve, for eight drawings, Plan

    Debutant Prize Winner 2013: Susanne Kathlen Mader, for the installation/wall painting Hendelser i stor høyde

    Debutant Prize Winner 2012: Marthe Elise Stramrud, for the photo series Livingroom Poetics

    Debutant Prize Winner 2011: Serhed Waledkhani, for the video animation Flukt (Flight)

    Debutant Prize Winner 2010: Gunvor Nervold Antonsen, for the textile work Barovessjan




    To the left: Prize winner Karin Blomgren, by her installation in raw clay, Gjennomgang.



    International projects

    The Norwegian Association of Art Societies are also involved in international projects like ArtEduNorway in China-ArtEduChina in Norway 2007-2012. This collaborative project aims at contributing to cultural exchange and understanding between Norway and China by introducing the system of voluntarily run art societies in China. There is a lack of professional galleries for contemporary art in China and establishing voluntary art societies can be a good alternative.

    To the right: The Chinese delegation visiting Norway in 2007.

    Project partners/sponsors: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Culture, The Freedom of Expression Foundation, Chinese Artists Association, Beijing Biennale Office, Bergen municipality, Stavanger municipality and Oslo municipality.


    For more information, please contact:
    Norwegian Association of Art Societies/
    Norske Kunstforeninger
    P.O. Box 477 Sentrum
    N-0105 Oslo

    Visitors addr.: Kongens gt 2, N-0153 Oslo

    Tel: + 47 22 42 20 35
    E-mail: post@kunstforeninger.no
    Web: www.kunstforeninger.no





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